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Coverage Objectives

Coverage Objectives

Understanding the network coverage needs of public safety stakeholders in Texas is critical to ensuring that FirstNet meets public safety expectations. FirstNet has asked the states to collect stakeholder feedback to be used to develop a state plan that addresses operational, financial, deployment and rollout priority for each state. Whereas in 2015, Texas Public Safety Broadband Program (TxPSBP) efforts centered around data collection and the Mobile Data Survey, in 2016 we are looking to get your input on the map. Ensure that your agency’s key areas are included!

FirstNet created a preliminary coverage objective map (FirstNet’s approach explained here). This map represents public safety priority areas for permanent coverage. For areas without permanent coverage, FirstNet anticipates that proposals will include alternate solutions such as deployable networks and satellite coverage. FirstNet has also asked the states and territories to submit their comments and modifications to the coverage objective.

Coverage Maps

For its 9/30/2015 data submission to FirstNet, the TxPSBP submitted a modified Texas coverage objective, which is a combination of hurricane evacuation routes and 911 call location data merged with the FirstNet layer. The lighter shades of blue on the map correspond with areas where the network will need greater capacity, such as in urban areas and along major roadways.

Popout Coverage Map

TxPSBP is now asking Public Safety Entities (PSE) to review the proposed Texas Coverage Objective Map by September 2016. To nominate additional areas for coverage, please contact your region’s SCIP Executive Council delegate to request access to the TxPSBP Coverage Objectives map tool.

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