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Technology Innovation & Public Safety Applications

Since 2001, technology innovation in the public safety industry has sky-rocketed particularly in the areas of interoperability and information sharing. In recent years as cellular infrastructures have improved, many of these innovations are expanding to mobile environments. And while these technologies have been effective in improving the safety and efficiency with which first responders conduct their missions, they can only be effective if public safety personnel have access to them at the RIGHT TIME and RIGHT PLACE.

To date, the majority of public safety agencies depend exclusively on commercial carriers for data service. During times of incident response when it is most critical for public safety personnel to access these applications, they are often unavailable due to heavy network congestion. For example, the cellular networks went down for 90-MINUTES after the Boston bombing.

ApplicationsPublic Safety “App Stores” will provide public safety personnel with a centralized place to find discipline-specific applications and keep up with the latest innovations in their fields. The APCO Application Community, AppComm, currently had 183 mobile public safety applications. Public Safety LTE will provide a dedicated network for public safety personnel to access these types of advanced technologies at the times and places they need them. The Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN) will also accelerate innovations in mobile technology.


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