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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Since the tragic events of 9/11, the public safety industry has evolved significantly in the way first responders communicate and leverage technology to perform their jobs of saving lives and protecting property. The industry has gone from almost exclusive reliance on Land-Mobile Radio for mobile communications, to the adoption of a wide variety of data, applications and analytics tools. The evolution of wireless data networks has extended the use of technologies such as criminal database searches, fingerprinting, reporting, and evidence logging to officers in the field – extending law enforcement presence in the community and allowing for greater efficiencies, cost savings and quicker response times.

To date, law enforcement agencies have relied almost exclusively on commercial carrier networks for mobile data service. And while these networks typically provide reliable service, they are not always available when and where officers need them most. During major incidents when law enforcement officers have the greatest need for accessing critical data and applications, carrier networks are often brought down due to high congestion leaving them without vital tools and information [1].

Public Safety Long-Term Evolution (PS LTE) will provide public safety a dedicated broadband wireless network to ensure that public safety officials have access to the right tools and information when and where they need it.


[1] – For example, after the Boston bombing, commercial networks went down for 90-minutes during which time law enforcement officers in the field did not have access to criminal justice databases, video surveillance, facial recognition software or any of the other technologies available to assist in expediting investigation efforts.