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Statewide Interoperability Governance Body

The Texas Statewide Interoperability Governance Body, originally known as the Texas Radio Coalition, was chartered to develop the original Statewide Interoperable Communications Plan (SCIP) and has shaped interoperable Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and training efforts in Texas for many years. With the recent focus on interoperable data networks and to keep the focus relevant, the name was changed to the Texas Interoperable Communications Coalition (TxICC).



Texas Interoperable Communications Coalition

SCIP Executive Council (SEC)

The SEC is the voting membership of the TxICC. As shown below, there are a total of 28 voting members on the TxICC. These members will consider actions brought to them from the SWIC, the TxICC membership at-large or the Strategic Advisory Groups (SAGs). The SEC delegates are responsible for the Regional Broadband Planning Teams in their regions. The Regional Teams will provide information and data that will be used by the delegates in the State Consultation with FirstNet.

SCIP Executive Council
Organization Number of Voting Delegates, each (Note: Each delegate is encouraged to have at least one alternative) Total Voting Delegates statewide
Councils of Government 1 24
Federally Recognized Tribal Nations 1 3
State agencies 1 1
Total Voting Delegates   28


Strategic Advisory Groups

Texas has established three Strategic Advisory Groups (SAGs) to assist with different aspects of broadband planning in Texas. The SAGs are Rural, Tribal, and MOA. Other SAGs will be added as needed.

If you would like to join a SAG, please email us at