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Strategic Advisory Groups


Strategic Advisory Groups (SAGs) are comprised of volunteers from the Texas Interoperable Communications Coalition and from other public safety organizations across the State. They serve as a mechanism to provide input on the Texas Public Safety Broadband Program (TxPSBP) project and the future of public safety broadband in Texas.

The TxPSBP currently has three active SAGs – Rural, Tribal, and Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).


Rural SAG

Rural SAGThe Rural SAG is comprised of members from across the State. The Rural SAG will provide input on the FirstNet definition of ‘rural’, identify coverage priorities in rural areas, and rank those priorities from most important to least. This prioritization exercise will enable the TxPSBP to provide input to FirstNet regarding the Texas rural implementation of public safety broadband. The Rural SAG will also assist with the development of a Rural Report which will identify public safety broadband considerations and issues.


Tribal SAG

Tribal SAGThe Tribal SAG encompasses the three federally recognized Tribal Nations in Texas. The objective of the Tribal SAG is to enable direct and open communications among the tribes, TxPSBP, and FirstNet and ensure their public safety broadband requirements and issues are captured and heard. Meetings have been held with all three Tribes and the Texas Public Safety Broadband Program to discuss issues common to all Texas Tribes. Additionally, separate discussions between TxPSBP and individual Tribes provide an avenue for Tribes to discuss their specific circumstances and needs. Finally, FirstNet may also meet directly with Tribes in order to capture the unique requirements and the thoughts of each Tribal Nation.



MOU SAGThe purpose of the MOA SAG will be to provide input on a draft template MOA which will facilitate the use of existing local and state infrastructure for the future public safety broadband network. The intent of the template MOA will be for agencies across the State to have an agreed-upon MOA that can be used statewide when allowing FirstNet to use their infrastructure. By obtaining feedback from interested parties across the State (via the MOA SAG), the template MOA should meet the needs of the local communities and enable a mutually beneficial arrangement.