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Outreach & Education

Outreach & Education


In 2013, the Texas Public Safety Broadband Program (TxPSBP) received funding through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s (NTIA) State and Local Implementation Grant Program (SLIGP) to engage in statewide outreach and education efforts. The initial phase of the program targets stakeholders, potential users and community leaders, providing these groups with information about the envisioned future of public safety broadband, as well as the nationwide and statewide programs.

Outreach & Education Objective:
Reach Texas responders where they live and work through people they know and trust with a message that matters to them.

Texas is home to over 214,000 first responders and thousands of potential public safety LTE users and stakeholders. With 254 counties spread across 268,820 square miles, the task of engaging these professionals in an informational dialogue presents some unique challenges. The TxPSBP relies heavily on partner organizations and a cadre of subject matter experts (SMEs) to accomplish this, and to date the team has delivered presentations to thousands of professionals throughout the State and beyond.


SME Target Strategies

TxPSBP has enlisted subject matter experts (SMEs) from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines in order to apply the concepts of the coming public safety broadband network to their individual fields.

The SME team is comprised of professionals with extensive backgrounds in the field of law enforcement, emergency health and medical services, emergency management, and the fire service. The team also includes specialists who focus on Tribal and rural issues, information technology, urban issues and governmental affairs. In essence, these esteemed professionals – with an average professional experience of more than twenty years, and some with careers spanning four decades – are reaching out to their peers with a critical message about a technology that will revolutionize the way responders and others plan for and respond to emergencies and other incidents.

Click on the icons below to learn more about each discipline’s SME.

HealthCareHealthcareFireFireLaw EnforcementLaw EnforcementInformation TechnologyIT

Regional Planning

Every area of Texas has unique communications circumstances and needs. Regional Broadband Planning Teams headed by the SEC Delegate from their region or entity are the primary way that Outreach & Education efforts will be directed throughout the State. Read more about Regional Broadband Planning and how you can be involved.

For more information, or to connect with your regional delegate, email the outreach and education team at


Speakers available!

The TxPSBP Outreach & Education team are available for speaking engagements of all kinds: Keynotes, Workshops, Commissioners Courts, City Council meetings, Panel discussions and more. Email us at to schedule a presentation today!