On March 30, 2017 U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced the selection of AT&T to help FirstNet build the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network. The two parties agreed upon a 25 year contract that features the following agreements:

  • AT&T will gain access to FirstNet’s 20 MHz of public safety spectrum (Band-14)
  • AT&T will spend $40 billion over the life of the contract to build out and operate the network, and to maintain and upgrade it as LTE technology advances
  • AT&T will provide access for FirstNet users to its entire telecommunications network portfolio, to include priority access and preemption on its LTE networks for users in opt-in states and territories

Now that FirstNet has selected its vendor partner, the 2017 timeline for the network’s many stakeholders has become more clear:

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Jared is a lead coordinator for the Texas Public Safety Broadband Program. He has spent 12 years in intelligence and support roles for the military and law enforcement. Jared is always interested in new technologies that help the public safety mission.

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